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【講座】Experiential Advocacy:Learning Oral Witness Examination Techniques through Actual Practice

[ 作者]: [ 發布時間]: 2021-03-16 [ 來源]:

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主題:Experiential Advocacy:Learning Oral Witness Examination Techniques through Actual Practice

主講人:Peter Corne  孔宏德 合伙人

主持人:沈偉 教授

時間:2021年3月16日 周二18:00-20:20



Qualified to practice in England & Wales, Hong Kong and Australia, Peter leads Dorsey & Whitney’s mainland China offices from his base in Shanghai. Peter specializes in the area of Chinese corporate, commercial and regulatory practice and is recognized as a leading practitioner in the field of mediation and arbitration. Peter is the Managing Partner of Dorsey’s Shanghai office, and is Co-Head of the Firm’s U.S.-China Practice Group and the Firm’s Clean Technology Practice Group.

Peter is Global Adjunct Professor at NYU Shanghai, where he taught International Mediation and Arbitration in 2018 and 2019 semesters (suspended in 2020).

Peter is on the panels of the Shanghai International Arbitration Commission (SHIAC), Hong Kong International Arbitration Center and the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration. He was presiding arbitrator over the first arbitrations held within the Arbitration Court established by SHIAC within the Shanghai Free Trade Zone (FTZ).  Peter also had a hand in the drafting and the translation of SHIAC’s Arbitration Rules, the most forward-looking arbitration rules in China’s history. Peter is on the panel of China’s first professional commercial mediation body, the Shanghai Commercial Mediation Centre (SCMC) where he heads their environmental, natural resources and mining committee. Peter helped to resolve the first mediated dispute between two foreign companies in the FTZ in 2015. He has also been instrumental in helping SCMC become affiliated with the US-based world renowned dispute resolution institute, JAMS ADR, and in the formulation of the rules underpinning the recently launched SCMC-EUIPO Co-Mediation Mechanism Platform.

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